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Multi-agency approach to holistic, person-centred support in Flintshire

Flintshire local authority recognise that all families are unique, with their own culture, history and educational experiences as well as housing, medical and social needs. The local authority provides a holistic multi-agency person-centred approach to meet the needs of each refugee and asylum seeker family.

  • Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) – brings together senior leaders responsible for education, social services, health, housing, police, communications, fire safety, DWP and finance. This provides educational services with timely information enabling a rapid response to different families’ changing needs.
  • Education and Youth Response Team – supports school admission, transport, play team, youth services, family information services and collaboration from a range of inclusion services, for example English as an Additional Language (EAL) teaching, counselling and ALN.
  • British Red Cross – provides orientation services for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees.
  • Adult community learning – provides refugee and asylum seeker parents and other adults with access to education and training.
  • Youth services – provide a range of community activities for parents and children dispersed across the county to facilitate networking between compatriots.