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Provider: Cylch Meithrin Llannerch-y-medd

Level of follow-up: Estyn monitoring

Removed: December 2021

Leaders at Cylch Meithrin Llannerch-y-medd have established a clear vision for the setting based on providing a wide and enriching range of experiences for the children. They have established self-evaluation processes, which include all stakeholders and provide the setting with manageable priorities for improvement. As they develop their approach to delivering the curriculum for non-maintained settings, they have raised the expectations of practitioners and have provided opportunities for professional learning. They work closely with the local authority’s advisory teachers, and with umbrella organisations, such as the Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin, to introduce elements of responsive planning, and to develop practitioners’ confidence. They now make far more effective use of the different learning areas, creating a stimulating environment for the children to play. They have shared their work with other settings across the authority.