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Provider: Plasnewydd Primary School

Level of follow-up: Special measures

Removed: October 2021

Plasnewydd Primary School was placed in special measures following the core inspection in 2018. The school was removed from further follow-up in 2021. Following a period of leadership turbulence, all staff now understand and accept their roles and responsibilities but know that they will be held to account for any underperformance where appropriate. Teachers and support staff appreciate the support, coaching and mentoring that they receive from leaders to help them to do their best for the pupils in their classes. Leaders now have the confidence to tackle any underperformance robustly. However, they also ensure that they balance addressing underperformance with support for their colleagues, for example when teachers move to classes in unfamiliar age groups, or when temporary staff cover for absence.

This collaboration between staff and leaders, along with clear, high expectations of everyone to do their best, has contributed to the school’s improvements over time. Together, these actions have helped to build a culture where all staff relish their core responsibility for the education and progress of pupils in their class, and across the school. This shared culture supports everyone to become ‘#proud to be Plas’.