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Provider: Ysgol Bryn Alyn

Level of follow-up: Special measures

Removed: October 2021

Ysgol Bryn Alyn had been in special measures for just under a year when the current headteacher was appointed in 2018. She focused initially on ensuring that pupils and staff felt pride in being members of the school community, improving pupil behaviour and strengthening leadership. Over the course of three years, and particularly during the pandemic, she worked on forging a sense of teamwork across the school. This was crucial to the school’s improvement and helped to change the culture and ethos of the school. To support positive pupil behaviour, the school revised its curriculum so that there is now a broader range provision to meet pupils’ differing needs and interest.

Leaders also introduced a new behaviour policy and developed internal provision and support strategies to help disaffected pupils. The roles and responsibilities of leaders were clarified and distributed appropriately. Professional learning around aspects such as self-evaluation, improvement planning and being a leader has helped leaders to better undertake their roles and have a clearer understanding of the strengths and areas for development within their areas of responsibility. Governors recognised that in the past they had not been sufficiently aware of what was happening in the school. They now ensure that they are well informed and challenge the school more effectively.