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Providing a rich and stimulating learning environment at Mini Miner’s Club, Ystrad Mynach, Caerphilly

Leaders work hard to provide an inviting, child-friendly and stimulating indoor environment that ignites children’s curiosity. They use an effective balance of natural and man-made resources. Each of the playrooms is bright and well organised, with clearly identified areas. Leaders ensure a level of consistency within the various playrooms to aid transition and develop a sense of belonging as children move through the setting. Practitioners provide a beneficial range of resources to engage children as they wait to enter the playrooms, for example a cosy book area where children can sit and share books with their parents and carers. Leaders make good use of real-life furniture and resources and see this as central to their vision for the setting. Each room contains attractive, child-sized furniture, ornaments, real clothes and kitchen utensils. These resources support children’s imagination and curiosity effectively and provide valuable inspiration for role play.