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The development of pupils’ digital skills, Ysgol Caer Elen

Pupils across the school are making strong progress in developing their digital skills. Most primary age pupils research on the web with confidence, for example to find information about birds and create a file of fun facts. By Year 2, pupils are programming correctly to move a digital tool along a specific path. Many Year 6 pupils present information competently. For example, they access information from the web about body organs including a voice recording to describe the purpose of the organs.

The digital skills of secondary age pupils build successfully on their previous experiences. Many pupils have highly competent digital skills. For example, they create a suitable chart to display the data on the proportional change in life expectancy in African countries. Many are adept at using complex software to compose music, create digital games and design packages to a certain size and layout. Many pupils demonstrate bespoke coding skills, for example to create their own renewable energy websites.