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The role of Llanwern High School, Newport as a Ukrainian Hub School

Newport City Council has designated Llanwern High School and Milton Primary School as Ukrainian Hub Schools. This approach facilitates the support of new arrivals from Ukraine by established Ukrainian families as well as dedicated support staff.

At Llanwern High School, a bilingual teaching assistant works with each refugee learner to identify their interests and the subjects that they studied and enjoyed in the past. They encourage them to pursue these further, for example by engaging in relevant extra-curricular activities. Assessments are used to establish pupils’ prior learning in terms of their knowledge, skills and goals, including their language ability. Pupils are provided with individual learning strategies and are partnered with buddies who support them in their first week at their new school.

The bilingual teaching assistant also establishes strong links with parents and plays a key role in each admission meeting. They support the integration of each pupil into their new school by liaising closely with the headteacher, head of year and form teacher to help establish positive, supportive relationships. They work with parents to ensure that they understand how children go about acquiring a new language and that they understand the differences between the Welsh education system and the one in Ukraine.